Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Unleashing my inner geek

The ThunderCats team 

I had a good few listening moments in the car this morning. A local radio station, Highveld, decided to talk about a wonderful, old cartoon that I adored when I was young: ThunderCats. And so they proceeded to play the theme song! It took me way back to a simple, happy time. So yeah, I smiled from ear to ear whilst in traffic and I think everyone who passed me thought I was a freak. But my question is: Do you remember this show? And what does your inner geek love?

Need to rattle those memory cells? More ThunderCats info can be found on ThunderCats Lair


Being Brazen said...

I loved the thunder cats. I also loved the gummi bears...I've always been a big geek

Azra said...

Thundercats, Gummi Bears, Smurfs...they don't make em like they used to. I used to love Heathcliff the cat too...and Garfield and friends...and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and...

Well I'll just go on forever ;)

Po said...

Are you kidding me I loved that show and had some of the figurines.

I wonder why there were so few episodes?

UJ said...

The smurf's were awesome!
And my grandmother taking me to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is my earliest cinema memory

Anonymous said...

Cartoons. yay times. When everything could be solved by fighting the bad guy with a sword. Anyone remember Brave Star?

Prixie said...

BB: Me too! Gummy Bears are great!

Azra: Indeed we could :)

Po: I wonder too...maybe Google can answer...

UJ: That must be a lovely memory. One of my first movie experiences was with my sis and the Little Mermaid. :)

HAMISH: Yes I do! But I must admit I had to google it and it jogged the rusty memory. I watched a few episodes. I wish life was like that.

Dreamlife said...

We had this big "Masters of the Universe" puzzle which was oooo coool. And Thundercats PJs as well.

I hired a "Masters of the Universe" DVD (season 1 i think) a few years ago, and it was interesting to see how innocent it was. I mean, the violence was hardly violent; and at the end of the show, they always had this wrap-up where one of the characters summarise the moral of the episode.

Cartoons are more adult-like now, i think - and the values portrayed are just so questionable. I mean, what can someone learn from Johnny Bravo?

(OK. Even that is outdated - but i haven't watched toons in a while :)