Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'm baaaack

Those times when work is all consuming, and you're working long hours and weekends, and that does not seem to be enough...that has been me over the past few months.

If you do not know what I do, I am a journalist. My career has veered off to an online medium in recent years and now I am in a role that involves certain South African TV shows - amongst them Idols and MasterChef. Being the online person, everything seen on the official websites and social media comes from my team and I. The new skill I picked up is live social media interaction over Facebook and Twitter during broadcast of these shows. It is nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. But God help you if you make a typo - the online audience descend on it like vultures to a carcass! I cannot say it is my dream job, but hey, if it helps me pay the bills, so be it. If you're in SA and you watch these shows, you know they are over. So it is time for me to:

1. Pause.
2. Breath.
3. Learn to live my life again! I think I've forgotten...
4. Breath some more.
5. Get neck deep into my wedding planning.

I have also sorely neglected my wedding planning during this time. Now when I think about it, I begin to hyperventilate knowing that March 2013 is not at all far off (I am not counting December 2012 and January 2013 because everything comes to a standstill in those months). When I see my  to-do list, what I have ticked-off as complete seems far too little compared to what still has to be done. Sigh... (Ward off panic mode!)

The S.O* and I have also managed to find a place to stay! Can I get a round of cheers, please? And pop the champagne! I am so happy about that. I am so glad we are getting a chance to live out lives and not stay with the in-laws. They are great people, but I really do want us to have our own space. The paper work is still in process and we shall only move in once we are married. This is the part that I cannot wait for. The wedding itself I can do without, but this what is important to me - a life, together. Look at me, getting all soppy this early on a Tuesday. Hahaha...

What has Bloggerville been up to? What has changed? What is new? Please, do tell! You know, I've missed everyone!

*Significant Other.


po said...

Wow Prixie, long time no hear! I think your job sounds pretty exciting, I must admit all jobs sound exciing to me right now!! Good luck with all your wedding plans, I think it is so cool that you have so much to look forward to when you guys are married.

Anonymous said...

Awesome to have you back!!! Good luck with the frantic planning.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Hey, stranger!

Planning a wedding? That date is coming up!! So exciting!

Azra said...

Amazing to have you back! It feels like an eternity. And the best news? Vampire Diaries Season 4 hits the screen in 2 days (which is 2 weeks my time but anyway)!

And I'm so excited for you - if there is anything you need, anything I can do, I wouldn't mind helping out with any last minute wedding errands ;)

JediChick said...

So glad to have you back and I'm very excited for you! :D

Deidre said...

I also do the live tweeting and blogging for my organisation - and seriously, the people can be MEAN when you make a typo. I wants did whose instead of who's...good lord.

Lovely Light said...

Just discovered your blog- your job sounds so cool! I'm and American and live in CT, but watch all my TV on the internet, so I really haven't seen those shows. I got married 2 years ago, but the planning is still fresh in my mind. Good luck with it- it doesn't have to rule your world, and if things go wrong, most things can be worked out. Keep posting!

Prixie said...

Po: At the end of the day, it is still just a job. It is all exciting at first, but then it simmers down. I hope you find something soon! Or have you, already?

Lulu: Thanks!

Jennifer: Exciting and bloody scary too!

Azra: Thank you for the kind offer. :) How about sneaking in some vodka and iced tea to me on the day? LOL As for TVD, oh my word, Damon only improves with time. happy sigh

Deidre: I know! I have also lost a lot of respect for man kind in general - most people on these networks are downright horrid!

Lovely Light: Thanks for the comment! How long have you been in CT for? Thanks for those words of wisdom for the wedding. I cannot wait for that day to be over. :)