Thursday, 20 October 2011

When I hit the road

I live quite far from work so I spend a lot of time on one of South Africa's major highways. Here are a few thoughts, pet peeves, observations and what not:

  • I hate it when trucks, vans, buses, lorries and any other big, heavy vehicle moves into the fast or second fast lane. They will inevitably slow down on an up hill. 
  • If a car passes me really fast, my 'Lil One feels like it is going to veer off my driving lane. The same happens the minute the wind picks up.Yes I drive a very little car and it is very light, in comparison to other vehicles.
  • People stare at the (fake) sun flower I attached to my aerial. It makes kids smile and wave at me, sometimes adults too!
  • Said sun flower sometimes acts like a beacon for some drivers - I assume they get scared of a "girl" driver and stay far behind me. That actually suits me just fine. 
  • Those who drive smart, expensive and fast cars (yes, you who drive BMWs, Mercs, Volvos, Lexus and 4x4s) tend to be very impatient and aggressive on the road. 
  • Mini bus taxis really do stop anywhere on the road and at any time. And they make their own rules on the road and do not follow existing rules! They really do make me so damn mad. 
  • That said, I think I suffer from, ahem, road rage - after all when you are driving, it is everyone else who is in the wrong. 
  • Over taking metro cops makes me feel so guilty, even though I am within the speed limit. I irrationally feel they will want to pull me over and fine me on the spot!
  • People rarely stick to the speed limit in the fast lane. 
  • In cases of grid locked traffic, which happens very often in Johannesburg, I loath those who make the emergency lane an additional driving lane, then gap in at a later stage. Those assholes tend to make traffic only worse!
  • In conclusion, I generally do not like driving. If Johannesburg had a wide network of safe and reliable public transport, I would be the first to use it. 


Azra said...

My pursuit for reliable safe public transport is enough to make me want to immigrate. And I hate trucks... I think they should be given designated hours on the road - like from 10am to 3pm... and then from 7pm until 5am - so that they stay out of peak hour traffic.

Anonymous said...

Grid locked traffic .... makes me think of my gf's dad ... he always goes into the emergency lane and gaps in. According to him, its smart driving. I shall pass your sentiments on to him :-)

po said...

If I had to drive to work every day I would die! I HATE driving! Although, in a few months time if I move back to SA I guess I will be getting used to it?!

Prixie said...

Azra, I think we share the same hatred for trucks.

Anon, make sure you do pass it on!

Po: I can't say you get used to it, you just drive because you have no other choice. Unless you work from home...