Monday, 24 October 2011

Chocolate Monday

I love the look of this pretty dessert. Considering that we are experiencing heat wave conditions now in Johannesburg, I would love to eat this right now. Picture sourced from Imgfave.
Chocolate Mondays have been created to banish Monday Blues, or at least lessen the sting of a new working week.  


Anonymous said...

I started loving the chocolate frios from vida e cafe ... lindt choc with ice and milk .... ooohhh its dam divine and especially in this heat! Yum yum yum

Azra said...

WOW, so I want to eat my computer -that's how delicious this looks :D

Jennifer Shirk said...

I hate a piece of chocolate cake in NYC this past weekend which was absolutely delicious. The frosting kind of looked like that. YUM!

Prixie said...

Anon, so glad you enjoy those. It feels like a manna from heaven in this heat wave.

Azra, my sentiments exactly.

Jennifer, that must have been some awesome cake.