Wednesday, 21 September 2011

World Addiction Day 2011

Today is World Addiction Day. I have had experiences with addicts and continue to try and support someone close to me with an addiction, so this is a very important topic to me. I live the struggle everyday and it is not easy. And that is what people need to realise - addiction takes over your life. When you decide to stop whatever you're addicted to (be it gambling, drugs, alcohol), that is when the work begins. That is when you live with the consequences of your choices and cope with this mental illness. It becomes your life partner, in a way.

So to all those who have a problem, to those who have loved ones with an addiction, to all those who are clawing their way out of the addiction pit to live some semblance of a normal life, today is your day. Be proud, brave and wise. Let the cycle of lies, stigma, mistrust and dependence end. Start fresh, embrace honesty and be good to yourself. 

More info can be found here: World Addiction Day


Anonymous said...

Lovely hopeful words!

The sad thing is that many people don't acknowledge the problem that is addiction and dont really place any emphasis on this day. Tis sad because it is a serious societical disease that has plagued us for many a year. Addiction comes in many forms and can happen to anyone irrespective of race, gender, educational levels etc. People need a deeper understanding that addiction is not merely restricted to drugs, alcohol, gambling ... it is something that is used as a means for a escape and with that comes a loss of happiness in every day life ... simple beautiful happenings of every day life is non existent .... all balance is lost! We must be careful to notice when this happens to us and our loved ones as we are heading for the biggest mental challenge that we have yet to face ... addiction can take the forms of shopping, dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, food ... the problem is simple .... there is no balance! So a message for all is to be weary, these things are happening.... remember: our secrets are what keep us sick!

Azra said...

Wise wonderful words indeed. We live in a world where everyone knows an addict of some sort. I know several and I know how difficult it is for them. Thanks for sharing :)