Monday, 26 September 2011

Chocolate Monday plus a bit of a rant

These chocolate hearts look simple, happy and appetising - exactly what I need today. Picture found here: Imgfave.

In addition to Chocolate Monday - I will indulge myself in a bit of a rant. I hate over drinking, always did and always will. The last time drank bit too much was 2009. So, anyway, back to this incident. It was a public holiday in South Africa on Saturday - Heritage Day, and also National Braai* Day. S.O** decided to have a little braai. Much to my delight, he bought chocolate vodka. Needless to say I am in love with that drink and will voluntarily have more and more, simply because it tastes like chocolate cake in a shooter glass. But it done me in on Saturday. All my emotional baggage suddenly became hoards of luggage, and dare I say, it was not pretty. That is why I do not like to drink - you loose control and every fear, resentment, threads of hopelessness, dashed dreams and every other negative emotion bubbles to the surface and makes it's ugly self known. I hope to never get into that state again. And I do apologise to S.O for saying things that only stem from my deepest, darkest self. And no more to copious amounts of chocolate vodka!

Chocolate Mondays have been created to banish Monday Blues, or at least lessen the sting of a new working week.  
**S.O - Significant Other 
*Braai - South African term for barbecue


Azra said...

I always believed that if I was allowed to drink with my addictive personality, I'd be an alcoholic. I have no doubt about that.

Anyway, hope your Monday is going better and lets stick to hoards of chocolate instead... or maybe not, damn hips of mine ;)

Prixie said...

Hoards of chocolate sounds like a plan - your pallet will forgive your hips. :)