Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Into the land of fantasy

I've always been a great fan of stories with fantasy and magical elements such as Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan, The Lord of the Rings and so many more.  I have dozens of my own ideas dancing around in my head,  I am only too scared to type them out. The fear of mediocre work overwhelms me and it paralyses me into immobility. Regardless, there are others who think like me and this image proves that. It gives me a little courage to bring my magical creatures alive on paper and into the hearts and minds of readers.


Deniz said...

hi! happy days!:)

Megan said...

Go for it, follow your dreams, you will only ever regret not trying.

Prixie said...

Thanks Megan - that is very true.

Being Brazen said...

Happy belated birthday for Sunday :)

PS - you REALLY should check my blog today x