Thursday, 25 August 2011

Birthday Loot

This wonderful e-card from S.O.*

The flowers, junk food stash, mini skirt and iPANEMA slops from the S.O* And just in time for the upcoming summer!

This lovely chocolate spa set from S.O's sister and brother-in-law. It's got lip gloss, fizz ball, a candle, lotion and a bar of soap - all chocolate flavoured. And a great little book on chocolate too. 

A photo frame from a friend at work 

And as a surprising bonus, I won the AlexandraKate bag from a give-away that ran on Being Brazen's blog. She's got a new give-away already - so enter! 

And I baked these mini savoury muffins, egg free! :)

More than the gifts though, I appreciate every warm wish I received, every call, every message. It really made my day. A huge THANK YOU to everyone! 

*S.O - Significant Other 


po said...

Happy birthday Prixie!!

Prixie said...

thanks Po!