Wednesday, 23 December 2009

When the world turns on it's head

This holiday season, if you want peace and quiet:

1. Go to work
2. Avoid shopping malls
3. Stay-cations* in big cities
4. If you do not have kids, treat them as if they are the bubonic plague

And then sigh serenely...

Blessed be every single one of you!

*staying at home, not going on a holiday but not at work.


po said...

Merry Noel Prixie. I agree with every single one of your points. Shopping malls especially. Only I still have some gifts to get... aaaaaaaargh.

Anonymous said...
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Azra said...

LOL! The Mall has to be the absolute WORST place to be this time of year. In fact, I recommend going someplace cold and frosty, where people stay in doors and eat the whole day.

Hope the coming year is blessed for you and yours ;)

Prixie said...

PO: I wish you God speed my girl! :) have a wonderful trip to SA, a blessed Xmas and New Year!

Azra: i did that last year and this year - there is a longing that cannot be satisfied! sigh...yes london blues are still very very blue... have a lovely holiday azra!