Tuesday, 29 December 2009

It's time to party like its... MMX*

A decade ago (or almost a decade ago, depending where you're coming from) I completed my last year of high school. It is difficult to grasp the concept of time passing at such a rate!

Do I feel the need to vent, reflect, cry out of joy and sadness? You can betcha your last Rand, or Dollar or Pound...

I certainly see a different person in the mirror compared to 2000. Most of my dreams - I have accomplished. The Plan involved strategically working towards them and suddenly, there I was living the dream, having the best of times life can offer.

Finding the S.O has never been part of The Plan. Then Life, with its bitchy mood swings, sees fit to throw a curve ball. And so The Plan looks very different to what I had always pictured. I certainly think S.O is in my life for a reason, but I cannot understand anything as yet.

And now it is all about survival, with a smile.

Hope MMX is as wonderful as wonderful can get for each and every one of you!

*MMX (roman numerals) = 2010
I know this post has been, erm, vague, but I fear the torrent of tears, while at my work desk, if details are mentioned.

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Forever Feline said...

Hi Prixie! May this next decade shed light for you and bring lightness in general into your life. Here's to you :)