Wednesday, 26 August 2009

To do list

Time and thoughts can be one's enemies. They seems to fester off each other when you have an abundance. Since returning to South Africa and subsequently starting my life again (and job hunting) there are times I am exceptionally bored. It is extremely restrictive to be without a car and life feels quite caged in. So there, that is it at the moment...

...but wait, I decided to turn this around. Many people would love to have time on their hands. So part of me knows I am lucky. Though, I've done most of what I wanted to do since coming back, I am going to think deeper about things I always wanted to do but never had time to.

I am also going to formulate a list of possible articles I could write for a job that will come up.

And since cooking soothes my nerves, I will spend more time in the kitchen! Yes, cooking does calm me. Even though there are not many people available to eat what I prepare, maybe I can merely give the food away as well.

I've always wanted to get back into an exercise routine. I managed to tally up my at-home-equipment and I have quite a variety. So, I am going to try to make myself physically strong. My petite frame tends to leave me unable to open many a jar.

Maybe I could even try to learn something new - like tai chi. I went for one disastrous class in London and came away with a book. Better to embarrass myself with me as my only audience.

The Male Parental Unit occasionally allows me to make use of his wheels, so I think I should take full advantage when I do get the opportunity. And no, that does not meet clocking an insane speed limit next to the boundaries on the N1 highway.

And I think I began these changes on a fabulous note today - I made pancakes for breakfast.


KiLLa said...

So like what field are u in.. I stopped reading up until i saw JOB HUNT..

I like know people that know people that myt hook u up and stuff..

P.S If u can drive over 80 on the N1 of late.. U clearly driving at arb hours..

po said...

Tell me about it, time and thoughts can most definitely be ones enemies.

Thanks so much for your comment about driving today, I have to say that every single story I hear about other people struggling and succeeding makes me feel braver and stronger and more determined not to give up any more.

And your pancakes sound amazing!

Azra said...

Enjoy this time. The way I see it, we live in cycles. Cycles of busy-ness and cycles of quiet. I've just recently told myself to enjoy whatever I have whenever I have it. Because never a truer word has been said with regard to that old adage, "This too shall pass"..and you will long for the days of nothing-ness.

I can relate to this post. I'm re-evaluating my life as we speak...and it turns out that all the things I thought I wanted are actually inhibiting me from getting what I REALLY want. & as it is, The time is now...I can't put it off any longer. Here's wishing the best for us both :D