Friday, 21 August 2009

Born too soon

The Parental Units love to see me cringe - they are always telling me when I was conceived. *cringe*blech!* Anyway that fateful day was the 5th February, while they visited India. The doctor estimated I would be born on the 31st October. How wonderful it would have been to have a Halloween birthday! But no, I was impatient and decided to say hello to the world today, 27 years ago.

Days such as today always make me take stock of my life. And recently I realised maybe it is patience I need to learn. The word alone makes me scowl mentally. I realised I've sorely lacked it because I always liked to get things done. And starting over again in South Africa takes time. Lots and lots of it. So along with learning patience (cringe), I want to think up new life goals so I can work towards something, anything...else I will drift around aimlessly like a burnt orange autumn leaf.


Dreamlife said...

Happy birthday :) And that's a good plan. When you do get round to the thinking, remember that life goals are a huge thing - so your approach should be conducive to getting the best out of the process.

Personally, i'd distance myself from the usual ongoing life - cut myself off and then think about what's really really important to me in the bigger picture of existence. And then plan how i want to progress - step by step. Because small, consistent steps are bound to be more effective and lasting than trying to over-exert yourself in big things.

Anyway, all the best for the future.

Azra said...

Happy Birthday!!! May you have many more years filled with good health, wealth and happiness.

I know its tough (yeah I'm impatient too, want everything done yesterday)...but just give it time. These things require a transition phase. But all the best :)

po said...

Wow you were really impatient! Happy birthday! I think starting again in South AFrica must be really tough, I keep wondering how I would cope. I think it would take me a looooooong time to readjust.

Raj said...

Happy Birthday!
Looks like all great minds are born in August. I celebrated my birthday last week. :-)
Good to know about your strange connection with India!

mylifescape said...

Happy birthday you amazing girl!! I've been so scarce, but still pop on in between too many meetings and deadlines!

Hope your birthday is as amazing as you!! So glad to share your stories and life with u x

KiLLa said...

Tad bit late..
But happy bday nonetheless

Prixie said...

dreamlife: babysteps are a wonderful point of beginning.

azra: ah, time..both a friend and an enemy. read latest post :)

po: it is really tough to re-adjust. but i got to get on with it, for my own sake. and i have to face the fact that many things in SA we do not like is out of our control

raj: happy belated birthday! i hope you had a fantastic day.

mylifescape: thank u for your kindness

killa: 'tis still appreciated. thank you much