Thursday, 27 March 2008

It's happening!

2008. Week 14. April 4. 2.30pm - I plunge into the familiar unknown. I know it simply because I have already felt the chilled London weather, used the tube and saw the Big Ben in my imagination. And I have already met pen pals while criss-crossing through Europe. But at 2.30pm on April 4 reality and dreams become one as I hop on a plane, destination London. Aim: working holiday. Something begins. Though nothing is really ending.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Going bye bye II

Skanky*, in her infinite web and photoshop genius ways, made this boarding pass for me. Alright, so I may not be flying first class nor British Airways nor landing at Heathrow but it is true that I am going to London. It is both terrifying and thrilling. And I will miss S.O and everyone I love more than my known vocabulary can explain. But I am taking the plunge. {Deep breath, and here I go...}

*Term of endearment

Monday, 3 March 2008

Gone bye bye

Slutty* took off on a plane on Sunday. She is gone to land of pasta, pizza and beautiful people on a lovely scholarship.

Even though there is a void in that special place she and only she occupied for her friends and family, I bet she is going to discover and be reborn. And while she will be missed, there is a greater good hard at work. Soon enough, we will all understand.

My dear Slutty, see you soon. Oh, and do not forget about that hunky Italian stallion for me.** Of course you can first find one for yourself.

* Some people may not understand, but it is actually a term of endearment. Others include Skanky, Slag, Tramp, Hoochie. The positions of Floozy, Hussy, Whore and Vamp are still vacant.
** No offence to my S.O, but an Italian is an Italian. You still my S.O.