Thursday, 27 March 2008

It's happening!

2008. Week 14. April 4. 2.30pm - I plunge into the familiar unknown. I know it simply because I have already felt the chilled London weather, used the tube and saw the Big Ben in my imagination. And I have already met pen pals while criss-crossing through Europe. But at 2.30pm on April 4 reality and dreams become one as I hop on a plane, destination London. Aim: working holiday. Something begins. Though nothing is really ending.


anon said...

Pronto bella...

There is no better way to test the water than jumping right in and letting the water swim through your soul until you can no longer separate yourself from the depths you are in... I'd say.

And, as I am learning, even if you happen to smack the water and feel a bruising sting when you enter, that feeling will fade as soon as you start to allow the tide to take you.

May the forces be with you... Be brave my dear friend. And do not listen to any music on the plane. Especially not your favourites like Buble and Blunt.

They are like audio memories and trust me that will suck if you are travelling alone.

Do take lots of SA memoirs to make you feel warm and fuzzy when SA is far away and take every piece of clothing you love and will miss. Even if it is absolutely impractical and you may never wear it.

Rest your feet. You will be walking more than you can imagine. And take a knee guard and foot guard, just in case.

And... And... And I can't wait for you to get here.

And that is my offering to this experience that can only really be explained as "transitional"...




The Organ Harvester said...

good luck friend. have fun. how long will you be gone for?

Prixie said...

slutty you made me tear with that! thanks for the words of wisdom especially since you are going through all of what i am going through as well. so yes, let me take th plunge into the deep end! and you know what? See u soon in Italy!

thanks OH. the visa is 2 years, but I will see how long I go for. MAybe even a mere 6 months cos I'm going to miss my S.O very much

Jo said...

Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your new journey. Keep in touch and don't forget any of us.

skanky said...

sigh, S & P, u two are making me nostalgic for things that haven't even happened yet..
go well frends :)
and like someone once said: 'once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quiestest chambers.The mind can never break off from the journey'
something begins indeed_.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Have a safe trip. I would LOVE to go to London.

prixie said...

jo: it would be impossible to forget anyone!

skanky: quote whore! It made me teary too. see u in london!

jennifer: thanks...maybe you should visit london and we can meet too. ;p