Monday, 5 May 2008

Londoning away

Greenwich, Camden, Canary Wharf, London Tower, Oxford, Cambridge, St Paul's Cathedral and Windsor. These are almost all of the places I have seen either on the weekends or for work purposes since being in the UK.

And usually I am a camera happy person,but since I have been here I have not taken any pics of these amazing places because I left my camera in my room. Just how painful would it be to shoot myself in the foot for sheer stupidity?

However, there is something to be salvaged: I took the above photo of the sunset as it is seen outside my bedroom window. I think those colours and raindrops are just pure perfection. So yeah, people will not find this in London travel books! So perhaps I am not a complete moron afterall.


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

It's such an evocative picture, love it.

Wasn't Camden a scream? Such fun there.

Prixie said...

what words can describe Camden? just wow!

liam said...

those raindrops definitely look british to me. nice flats, too. i wanna go!

Shamin Chibba said...

so, so, awesome. what a great pic. So it seems not only African sunsets are worth savouring.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I love that picture! So cool. :)

Jo said...

If you are going to shoot yourself in the foot, use the camera and share the picture... lol

Beautiful sunset and q remarkable picture... Good Job!

Prixie said...

liam: visit!

shamin: u out of all people should know sunsets are beautiful all over the world...very soon u will be enjoying Chinese sunsets!

jennifer: thank u

jo: lol