Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Blue, grey, clouds and sun

Blue skies, warm sun and not a cloud in the sky. It sounds like typical South African weather but that has been the case in London for the past two weeks. Its been simply glorious.

And there has been a concern that many people in the work force will pull sickies - just so they will not be stuck in the office and enjoy the weather.

Now in South Africa, this sort of gracious weather is the norm so when it is dark grey and gloomy, we want to stay in under the duvet, put on a movie and snack on popcorn. I find it ironic that it is the opposite in London.

How turned on it's head the world seems.


Anonymous said...

The world has turned on it's head ... thats right! Coz PoH is gone ... Soak up the sun and Enjoy. Happy Friday!

Prixie said...

thanks S.O...the sun is gone by now though. happy friday to you too.

Prawn Cocktail said...

Where u from.

Reykjavik ?

Ur writing is cold.

Hope u a chick or else u a fairy.

Mohamed Karolia said...

The world lost its head a long time ago. alas.... The weather in Jhb cant make up its mind.

Jo said...

"How turned on it's head the world seems." I loved that statement, it could be used for many situations.

I wish you many blue skies, white fluffy clouds and lots of sunshine.

Nabeel said...

sure @ call off from work. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

Prixie said...

mohamed: indeed

jo: thank u

nabeel: :)

queen_Lestat said...

billy corgan once sang "blue skies bring tears"...hope he was wrong ;)