Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Traveller's Tribute

For the Freeway Club, Mikey (aka Michael Buble to those who do not know him) and the guinea pig class of 2006.
To the new travellers of 2007: may you also find a ''home''.
And to Susu, thank you for this photo. Your sense of appropriateness is astounding.


Anna-Marie said...

HI Priya,

I can't believe we still haven't seen each other in all this time. I have a freelance contract in Joburg at RSG, the Afrikaans SABC community radiostation, I'm a current affairs journo. We must make a plan, I get back from holiday just after new year, then we must meet for coffee or something.

How's it going with everyone else? When are we having a travelling reunion?


Priya said...

Hi Anna-Marie

As far as I am concerned, I think everyone is fine. We should all try and arrange something, even with all the lecturers.
Or just gate crash the first lecture next year. :)

WELL DONE on your position at RSG.

Take care and have a fabulous festive season.

masood said...

a buble fan?

Priya said...

Hi Masood

Simply LURV Buble

masood said...

i routinely perform buble songs with a brass band:) favs are "thats all", "fever", "the way u look tonight" and "sway"

Priya said...

cool stuff. where do you perform?
well, you already know what is my fav.

have a safe festive season!

masood said...

all over the place. mainly at a ballroom dancing place on sat nites