Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Half a Night With Ali

Night + Rain (x Popcorn) = Movie time
This simple equation roughly translates into a damn good night.
With the sound of pelting rain on the windows and the crunch of popcorn in my ears I still managed to hear some of the dialog from Ali.
After enjoying a sleeping pill induced brain fog, I surrendered into the onto the blackness of a dreamless slumber .
Sorry Mohamed, maybe better luck next time.


saaleha said...

that storm was crazy.
i went to bed early like the geriatric i've become.

Priya said...

Yes,Saal, you have become very old...all I can do is shake my head. :)
But I found that storm lovely, though pity the tree up the road - it was uprooted.

su said...

the storm was lovely??
a plane crashed into a block of flats in yeoville as a result...
and now i have to fly on sunday!!!
eeek...save me_!

Priya said...

For Su-su
Sorry honey, only the good die young so you may live a long life. Just joking.... :)
I do find storms lovely, and I did not know about the plane crash then.
The pilot should not have flown last night in the storm, but my sympathies to his famiy for their loss.
And your flight will be just fine.