Monday, 4 May 2015

People can be so damn nice

Unexpected compliments and acts of kindness always leave a warm and fuzzy after effect. I noticed strangers have been rather kind lately and when I think about it, it leaves me with a lingering smile.

Incident 1:
I walked through a popular street lined with cafes and restaurant in Greenside, Johannesburg during lunch one day. A lady ran up to me and said she is studying at Carlton Hair and wondered if I would model my pixie hair cut for them. I smiled, declined, and told her I am too shy. But I did thank her and I passed on the story to my hairdresser. She is the magician behind making my thick, curly hair viable for a short pixie cut. 

Incident 2:
The S.O* ran a race in Benoni and I went to pick him up thereafter. Amidst the crowd, I walked around the finish line a few times hoping to spot him.
"You're dressed so nice!" A lady yelled at me as I walked pass. I hollered back a thank you. 
All I had on was a floral dress, plum woolly panty hose, and red boots. 

Incident 3:
I was at Checkers buying a few urgent groceries. After I picked out the tomatoes I wanted, I handed it to the guy at the scale so he could weigh it. 
"You have a very nice haircut," he said. I told him thanks, despite thinking I needed to desperately wash it. I was glad it did not look as bad as I thought it did.
This is another anecdote I need to pass on to my hairdresser when I see her again.

*S.O - Significant Other 


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

You have got to put me on to your hairdresser!

Prixie said...

I'll mail you her details! Or I'll give it to you when I see you on Sunday.