Tuesday, 6 January 2015

As 2015 takes its first steps

I did one thing in 2014 that I have never done before: I resigned from my job.

There were many contributing factors that led to that decision, things like:

1. Consistent, constant over time with no payment for it
2. Working under immense pressure
3. Working on weekends and evenings became a regular occurrence
4. Always playing catch-up with my work, despite the long hours
5. Hitting the glass ceiling
6. The nature of the work
7. The tug and pull between corporate egos versus the work that actually needs to be done
8. Not doing my best writing because of tight time constraints

Now, with 2015 still taking it's first steps into a brave world, I have taken my first steps into a new job. It feels strange to be the 'newbie' again. It feels strange to befriend an entire new office. And it feels strange to be not-as-busy as I was in my old job.

And now that my weekends will not be occupied with work, I actually feel at a loss as to how to fill my time. Then again, I need to catch-up on my to-do list that has been getting longer and longer for the past year.

I also feel torn asunder from the year that was - emotionally and mentally. It feels like my job had dragged me under a tractor for kilometres on end. And that is not a very nice sensation at all!

I can only come to one conclusion: this is a year where I need to focus on myself. I need to use my time wisely to once again engage with activities that bring me joy: like writing, cooking, doing yoga, and giving expression to my creative side.

Cheers to 2015, and here's to me!


Deidre said...

Good for you! I think we do a lot of damage to ourselves when our jobs become so completely all encompassing!

I once had a boss who told me "if it stops being fun, that's when you stop doing good work and get further away from solving the big problems" I really took that to heart.

Prixie said...

Hi Deidre,

That's really good advice. And that is exactly what I told my ex-boss: "I am not doing my best work any more."

Azra said...

That sounds great Prix... I too feel that I've neglected a lot of things in 2014 - been caught up with too many things. Wishing you all the best for 2015! :)

Prixie said...

Hi Azra,

I hope 2015 is filled with more balance for you. Have a great one!