Friday, 3 May 2013

I want more of Mauritius

Mauritius is a place where a lady can wear a flower in her hair everyday. It's an island that thaws your stiff bones with the warmth of the sun, its people and fiery, vegetarian friendly cuisine. Its where local dancers can really move their hips! And it has become a destination I would want to return to.

"Let me do the cliched thing and go there on honeymoon," I thought. My needs were simple: I wanted to go to a place that was not too far from South Africa, I wanted a visa free destination, I wanted some peace and stillness from the intense busy period of the wedding and by George, I also wanted ample, tasty vegetarian food. I cannot tell you the amounts of times I ended up eating tubes of Pringles and chocolates...for the entire holiday. Mauritius emerged as the shining beacon.

A view of the beach from the reception area literally took my breath away. "This is going to be good," I thought. I felt instant relief and a weight off my shoulders. S.O and I made our way to our room, and my initial thought of things being good, improved to better. The room was magnificent, with the beach a short walk away. Perfect for some RnR.

It felt like any other holiday S.O.* and I had been on, there was no pressure to make it special simply because it was the honeymoon. We spent a lot of time on the beach, doing water activities like snorkeling (sea water kept on going into my eyes and troubling my contact lenses, so I gave up), the glass boat, the pedal boat, and sitting on a tube while being pulled by a power boat. There was time for gym, touring, morning walks on the beach, aqua aerobics, attempting to water ski (S.O.) and yoga.

I simply revelled in the fact that wedding was over, my time was mine and I was not neck deep in wedding chores! In fact, there was absolutely nothing to do except eat, relax, drink and take in the salty sea air and warm sun rays.

S.O: Significant Other 


po said...

Hey Prixie, I got your message on one of my other random blogs, my main blog is at I had to move from the other one, I was given free hosting for a year but did not want to pay for my own domain. I must admit I do not really blog much any more, but still read!

cyurkanin said...

Congratulation :)

Mauritius was one of the places on my bucket list when I was still traveling; glad I know someone who made it there at least!

Deidre said...

Congratulations!! I'd love to go to Mauritius! IC and I actually applied to a constant to win a free honey moon there, but we lost :(

Azra said...

And of course, it was exactly what you needed! I love lazy holidays. Actually, I love any holiday. Th pics look great and I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

PS. Mauritius versus Zanzibar?

Prixie said...

Po, hello! So nice to hear from you. Glad you still have your blog...***relief***

Cyurkanin: Definitely go! I would highly recommend it!

Deidre: There is always the second honeymoon. ;) Pity about the competition...hope you have better luck next time.

Azra: Zanzibar was much more rustic and rural. Not much by way of beach activities, but I would have preferred to stay a few nights in Stone Town, then a few quiet days in a resort, close to Stone Town. We actually got bored at our resort - it was too far from everything! :-/

In terms of islands, I would pick Mauritius over Zanzibar. After visiting the latter, I actually thought I am not an island person, but Mauritius made me give that a second thought.

Jennifer Shirk said...


I have a writer friend who lives there! I am dying to visit. Looks absolutely lovely!

Helen said...

Interesting, I always thought of mauritius as something of a cliche, although I've never been there and lately I'm hearing nothing but good about it.

Maybe it's time for an island holiday (but the destination bucket list is getting biiiiig).