Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I have good reasons for my absence

A work colleague once told me that getting married and getting a new house in the same year is a bit over ambitious. Now I understand what she meant. Since December last year, I have been "Wedding Mode Engaged" plus trying to move house. It feels like I have not had a weekend since then.

Two of my closest friends (more like sisters, really) flew to South Africa from Doha for the wedding. They hosted such an epic bachelorette and I was so touched. It was the only weekend that I really enjoyed this year! They were also invaluable in the week run-up to the wedding. It was so busy and overwhelming, I am so grateful to have had them there.

Thankfully, the 17th of March came and went, with only a few glitches. What else can be expected out of a wedding, right? The honeymoon in Mauritius was much needed RnR, and then there was just another week to set up the house before I returned to work. It felt like I came right back into intense busy-ness! (Is there such a word?!)

I am now sitting at my office desk, feeling all of this has happened to someone else. It has been a surreal experience - me - getting married?! I see pictures friends and family took, and I sit there gobsmacked. Surely, that is not us...surely.

Pictures of the new house and the wedding (when I have it) to follow in the near future!


Azra said...

I'm really happy for you!! Congrats again - it's funny how life creeps up on us when we least expect it ;) Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, prosperity and good health!

Deidre said...

YAY! Congratulations. I totally understand, I still see pictures from our wedding and I'm all "really? us"

Mauritius? HOW WAS IT! Tell me everything.

Prixie said...

Azra: That is so true! Nothing important happened to me since I returned from London. Then suddenly, marriage and a new home within a few months! It feels so surreal...

Deidre: Mauritius was vegetarian heaven! I loved the variety of food, and how they understood the concept so well! I loved every minute of it and I will definitely elaborate further in another blog post.

Nesia said...

Note is cool :)
Welcome for me :)