Monday, 26 November 2012

Chocolate Monday: Week 14

A 400g slab of lovely Cadbury! Image taken by Prixie. 
Don't you hate those Mondays that feel as if you did not have a restful weekend? Today is one such Monday! Let me tell you about it: Friday after work, the S.O* and I went shopping for paint and other DIY things. After an early morning yoga session on Saturday, we went looking for furniture and those seemingly elusive vinyl folding doors (BTW, if any of you readers from Johannesburg know of a place where I can it, please let me know. We went to one DIY store, where they were very rude so on principle, I am not getting it there). In the afternoon, we went to the dressmaker who is altering my clothes for the wedding. I first saw her in July, and after numerous fittings, they are finally complete and fitting perfectly! At night, we went to a surprise 30th.

On Sunday, we rallied the troops - S.O's* parents and cousin, and made our way to the new house to paint. Naturally, we forgot a few things, so I went to the nearby DIY shop to buy those items. We only managed to paint the lounge and dining room area. I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever painted and I feel such a sense of accomplishment. We are still not done and need to go back next weekend to finish it up. So today, I am exhausted and my body is sore - I suspect it must be from the combination of painting and yoga. I also suspect, till the house renovations are done, and the wedding is over, my weekends will be like this. I might as well, grudgingly, make peace with it.

So here I am, on a Monday, in dire need of chocolate to perk me up. Luckily, I was given this gorgeous 400g slab of chocolate after a friend visited Dubai. She said: "I saw it and thought of you." Needless to say, I am thrilled. S.O* had the nerve to take it out of the grocery cabinet and say: "This is for sharing." I  looked at him with cold eyes and stonily relied: "No, it is not. Put. It. Back." 

*S.O = Significant Other 


Anonymous said...

WOW, now THAT is a big slab of chocolate!!!!

Azra said...

:D I love that 400g, had one myself.

It's nice to see you progress through these stages. It's like watching a baby take its first steps ;) I can imagine the next few months will be quite busy.

Helen said...

I think I may have a set of those folding doors, in the flat I'm about to move into. Will have to check (if I EVER get in there again).

I don't really like them, so if they are where I think they are, and you can get them out, you are welcome to them.

Deidre said...

Yum! I actually have some cadbury milk chocolate in my cupboard, I'm contemplating going and nibbling on a piece or five.

Prixie said...

Lulu: I have yet to open it. I think I am waiting for just the right moment...

Azra: A baby taking their first steps? That made me laugh!

Helen: Thank you! I actually managed to find those doors. Pricey, but worth it, I reckon. I think it will really save some valuable space, so I can add things like more units, a coat rack and so on.

Deidre: I am rooting for five blocks! :)

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