Thursday, 29 December 2011

Well, that's that, then!

What sort of a year has 2011 been? Personally, it's been filled with:
...denial, anger, pain, frustration, bitterness and hurt.
...hiding, isolation, loneliness, solitude and confusion.
...a blur of remorse and tears.
...a fight to keep the threads of my life sewn and to keep on breathing.
...forgetting my passions like writing, cooking, reading and blogging. Thereby forgetting myself too.

And because of all the above, the last two months or so has been filled with:
...rebirth, renewal and revitalisation. re-awakening of all my senses.
...promises to build a better 2012 - and onwards. of engagements and weddings. (My own! Eek! God, help me!)
...hunting for a place to call home.

So I reckon 2012 has gotta be better - full of those sorta huge life changes. And I hope it is not my misguided optimism at this time of the year. Maybe S.O* and I are on our way to a Happily Ever After.

These two secrets from Postsecret  pulled at my heart:

Finally, a very happy new year to you! May 2012 fulfil every wish and dream, even those in the deep corners of your imagination. Shine and thrive, everyone!

*S.O= Significant Other


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Here's to chocolate pudding :)

Azra said...

Wow. Can't believe how fast (and sometimes slow) the year has gone by eh? Glad that I get to see in a new year with the likes of you. Happy New Year sweetheart, may your light shine as bright as ever in the coming year:) xx

po said...

Wow. I certainly would never have guessed you were going through so much from reading your blog! Congrats for surviving and taking 2012 by the horns.

cyurkanin said...

A peaceful 2012 to you, Prixie (and a congratulations on a Happily Ever After.)

Prixie said...

Saal: always :) happy 2012!

Azra: Thank you so very much. It is so comforting to know such a kindred soul! May your 2012 fulfil your wanderlust with travels to every beautiful island in the world!

Po: Thanks! I barely blogged between Jan and June 2011 - I had retreated into myself. I wish you many happy writing days for 2012 and g'luck with your masters!

Cyurkanin: Wishing you a blessed year. I hope you write many more stories for the world to enjoy. Thank you for the well wishes.