Monday, 21 November 2011

Show us the real Prixie, please!

Recently, I have been finding it very hard to stay up beyond 9pm. I start reading a book and not even 10 minutes later I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I fall asleep minutes after starting to watch a TV program or movie. 

I have noticed that since I stopped freelancing and got a full time job, my time for reading and other leisure activities has been greatly reduced and this is extremely saddening. Tiredness seems to be with me constantly...  maybe it because I wake up so early to be at work at 6am. Crazy, right? 

I actually hardly recognise myself any longer. Who is this person, working full time? Yawning most of the time? Paying off debit orders galore? And having so little me-time? Who are you and what have you done with Prixie? 


po said...

Urgh I can totally relate to that feeling. Although I am so lazy that I always make space for me-time.

Azra said...

Sadly, I can relate too. I've been so exhausted lately, I hardly have time for anything anymore. And all I can think about is "this is no way to live"... living for the weekend is not living. This culture doesn't agree with me. I need to emigrate *sigh*

Prixie said...

Po: No matter how time I do manage to make for myself, it seems work is still an over-riding powerful force.

Azra: I have those same thoughts! I definitely had more energy in London because the lifestyle is very different there.

Anonymous said...

I dont think that work is all doom and gloom and while there are debit orders galore I'm sure there are many things that you have treated yourself too ... work is generally a means to an end so we might as well enjoy that end else we will demoralise ourselves ... so instead of thinking of being at work @ 6am ... think of how thereafter you interact with your colleagues and talk of past days activities, things that made them sad or happy ... might as well look at the glass half full else then you will really wonder what happened to Prixie ... "Just saying"

Prixie said...

Thanks Anon, somehow you always manage to look at things through optimistic eyes.

I still feel I do not like this version of me.