Thursday, 7 July 2011

It is that time of the year

Gosh, this winter in Johannesburg is really freezing! Not that I am complaining, I love the cold but I notice the following:

  • It is taking me much longer to dress up in the morning. If you're not from Johannesburg, you have to understand that homes do not come with in-built heaters. And since we have a generally warm climate, there are no such things as double glazed windows etc. You have to dress in multiple layers to keep warm, even indoors! 
  • I am eating much more hearty foods like soups, toast and stews. And just eating much more in general. It's like I am always chewing. Hahahah.... If I am not chewing, I am drinking copious amounts of green tea.
  • I am not a person that snoozes my alarm, yet in this cold weather it is very tempting. Then again, I do wake up at 4:45am. 
  • I get into my bed much much cosy up with my fluffy, soft blankets. 


Myka Iyer said...

Winter is the best time to relish chocolates, Prixie. Indulge in it under the quilt :)

Prixie said...

Hehe - you do not have to tell me more than once!

Azra said...

I was wondering if it's only me that thought that this winter has been particularly cold (especially since I had moved earlier this year from my cosy home into this cold flat)... then my Dad told me today that it's been the worst winter he's experienced for years. This does absolutely nothing for my waist-line ;P *sigh*

Prixie said...

Yup Azra, much colder than last year! In fact, I am making much use of my beloved coats..