Thursday, 6 January 2011

A chocolate to start the day

The company has recently moved offices. We are now near a Vida e Caffè and they hand out these small Lindt chocolates (as seen above) when you buy a coffee. Scott, a great work colleague, went there this morning to get his caffeine ration for the day. Lo and behold, he walks into the office, straight to where I sat and hands me this little treasure!

I shrieked in happiness, something along the lines: "Oh wow, really? This is for me?! Thanks! You've made my day!" My eyes shone bright with the thoughtfulness behind the gesture.

I love it when people support my choco-holism.

**content sigh**


Jo said...

Sounds like that is a win win situation and to get paid to work there is just frosting on the chocolate cake.

Jean Jacques said...

I really can't resist chocolates, they are so tempting. =)

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agus k said...

it's great how we -the choco holics- can be so simple. With such a little thing as a small chocolate is, someone can make our day!
choco holics are simple people, easy to please :)