Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A 'lil something something... brighten the blues after the fabulous soccer spectacle. And thanks to the Writer for being the brains and research unit behind this post. This is a small way to contribute to the betterment of humanity - we know you will come back to ogle, which will make you smile, which will improve your mood, which means you could contribute something good to mankind! Really, no need for thanks!

Van Persie - Netherlands 

  Canavarro - Italy 

Alonso - Spain 

                                                           Fabregas - Spain 

Kaka - Brazil

Navas - Spain 
Santa Cruz - Paraguay

*None of these visuals belong to me but it had to be used. :) *


Po said...

Navas!!! What amazing eyes. I have to admit, Forlan was my golden boy for the tournament though. That hair, and he had this aura of... supreme confidence, which was annoying but amazing too.

kash said...

Canavaro is Beautiful. Beautiful should not be used to describe a man but that is exactly what he is. Walking out onto the field carrying the LV bag did it for me. That was the cherry on top

Prixie said...

Po: uh huh - those eyes! I have a weakness for dark hair and light eyes! It makes me incoherent!

Kash: Yes he is! And that million watt smile when he came onto the field with the trophy! Oh wow - made me weak in the knees and I started squealing like a lil girl! ;p

the writer said...


now if i could just find a day-job that pays me to ehum "research" such subject matter..

sigh ;-)

Prixie said...

Writer: that would just be so dreamy!

Helen said...

pretty pretty :)

Azra said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

*sigh* I can never get tired of these gents. Cannavaro is B-EAU-TI-FUL! Santa Cruz too *sigh*

I had the pleasure of meeting the Spanish team and girl, they are even more beautiful in person than one tv! I'm f@#$%& moving to Spain!

Saf said...

Important things you gals must know.. Uhum, Santa Cruz wins the looks + personality contest.

The Spaniards are as hot as they are wonderful as they are party animals as they are of perfect height for our dwarfed proportions. . . and that's up close and personal... Oooh and did I say they're even more beautiful when they smile. I will forever remember the word, "Travolta"...

Also note, that Fabregas is the sweetest and finest close up and that you're spot on about Forlan. He was so so so very fine and aware of it.

Errant said...

woohoo ..

not a good thing to be viewing at night lol

Prixie said...

Azra: YOU MET THEM!!! OH Gosh!!! How lucky are you!!!when? where? how? oooh - details + photos PLEASE!

Saf: I am insanely jealous! lol...

Errant: any time is a good time to be ogling **evil grin**

Azra said...

Glad you liked my post on the Forlan exposé. Man I should become a professional stalker! I've never ever done a 180 so fast on anyone before :) & yeah my opinion of him has definitely changed.

I met them completely by accident. Actually I call it destiny because I had absolutely no intention of meeting them and I had absolutely no idea that we'd be at the same place at the same time.

What makes it destiny is that prior to the WC - (read 10th of June 2010 to be exact:P), I knew absolutely NOTHING about the Spanish team. I didn't even know what Torres looked like, didn't know that they had won the Champions league, didn't know that Spain was voted one of the favourites to win the WC, didn't even know Villa existed.

I had to pick a team and operating on pure instinct and intuition, I decided to support Spain... got the jacket and kit etc. etc. Got mistaken for Spanish by almost everybody I came into contact with, was interviewed by several different Spanish TV stations speaking in broken Spanglish and had two encounters with the team - both by accident. First time I went to North West Uni to meet my old professor & saw them training. Second time I met them before the Final, I went to the Da Vinci Hotel in Sandton to have lunch with a friend visiting from overseas and they arrived for lunch too. And again everyone thought I was Spanish. I didn't meet everyone though... only Iniesta, Pique, Torres and Casillas and only for like 5 minutes. I saw Villa, Llorente and Fabregas in passing.

Llorente and Fabregas were play-fighting and arguing about something, it was funny. Torres was blushing like a girl - he's extremely shy...Casillas is the friendliest and he's beautiful and sweet (and taken) *sigh*

I was happy to see them, but I wasn't really star-struck the way I was with Orlando Bloom. My only regret was not having my camera with me coz my cheap 19-voetsek Nokia can't take pics for shit!

Now I wish that I took my intuition and instinct and directed it to winning a Billion GBP :P

Prixie said...

Thanks Azra! You are certainly a lucky fish! :)