Wednesday, 7 April 2010

'Tis true, magic is real!

A window on the University of Cape Town campus. It could be the gateway to another realm.

The buffet restaurant atop Table Mountain. Looks like a charming fairy cottage to me. 

The sky flushed with hues of lilac, orange and pink as the sun sets, with table mountain in the distance. The magicians of sky art no doubt hard at work here. 

I felt it, that sense of magic in Cape Town this Easter weekend. Yes, that flicker and spark of hope is ignited again. Yesssss!
All images copyright by Prixie


Azra said...

These are beautiful pics Prixie! :D And yes, I can see how the imagination must run away when peaking at these treasures.
I must admit, now that winter is almost upon us, I'm getting a little depressed (as I always do this time of year). The only nice thing about winter is blankets, coffee and chocolate.
I'm going to miss Summer :P

Jo said...

I am thinking the Easter fairy sprinkled Fairy dust on your camera......

Beautiful photo Prixie.

po said...

Aw your photos make me homesick, expecially the UCT one, I loved that place.

Dreamlife said...

Reminders like these make me grateful that I live in CT :)

Prixie said...

Azra: aw, sorry you feel that way. try and think of the good things winter brings: hot chocolate, good fashion (people seem more dressed up), boots, cosy days under the duvet reading! *sending lots of happy pills*

Jo: thanks Jo. But it was not the camera, just the beauty of the place!

Po: Lucky you to have studied at UCT! Seriously considering doing my Masters there! Or close by!

Dreamlife: Lucky you as well! Appreciate it, look through your miracle eye everyday. that place is precious!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

My favorite has got to be the last one. I love sunsets. It is definitely magical. That buffet restaurant looks intriguing. I need to research about that, I'd love to see how the interiors look. =) Have a nice weekend sweetie!