Monday, 12 October 2009

Old school charm

The Organ Harvester recently ran the Pen, Paper and Post Project. It simply involved bloggers writing actual letters to each other and posting them off.

Due to the civil servant strike, there were a few hiccups. But then again, with the South African Postal Service, there are always hiccups. And as for the theft, well, that is an entire different bitchin' session. Triple sigh...

So I finally received a letter from O.H himself. He saw fit to attach a Ms in front of my name on the envelope, and a Mr in front of his name on the return address - very old school and dare I say, charming.

Despite his gripes about his handwriting, I understood every word, without straining my eyes. And that says a lot, especially since I have been inflicted with an eye infection for the past month. I love that he wrote in cursive, which I also find to be old school charm too. The paper he used was of high quality, A4, ivory with a gold shimmer. I thought it was just gorgeous.

When I had pen-pals, long before the arrival of email, I used to love the thrill of getting letters every week. And I loved the anticipation of finding something in the post I was looking forward to again. Nonetheless, it was a challenging experience to write to someone I've only known through cyberspace.

He also mentioned in his letter it is awkward to find an ending, without sounding abrupt. But I loved the sincerity of his well wishes. And because I had had a very bad week, it brought on a case of slight sniffles.

So thanks O.H, for this. And maybe, hopefully, there will be further letters to look forward to.


Azra said...

Aww. sweet. I've written my third, yes THIRD letter to UJ, because he hasn't received the first two. And I thought, since I did receive his letter, it would only be fair for him to get one in return, so going to post it first thing tomorrow morning :)

Hope you're ok. If you ever need to chat to an unbiased third party with no personal interest in your matters, feel free to mail me ;)

Prixie said...

oh my, a third letter? i really hope it gets delivered! im keeping my fingers crossed for you.

and thanks for the offer. :) i have emailed you.