Monday, 22 June 2009

A big bowl of blech

Italy versus Brazil in the Confederations Cup, Johannesburg, South Africa. Of course I went. Of course out of the eight people I went with, I was the lone Azzurri supporter...a solitary island of blue in a sea of green and yellow.It will always be the boys in blue for me. no questions asked. I think S.O and I made an interesting pair supporting opposing teams. Nevertheless I have to grudgingly admit they had the upper hand in the end with a 3-0 vistory. Even though the atmosphere at the stadium was filled with excitment, camaradie and jest, I felt drenched in disappointment at Italy's loss. I, for one, would like to think they were distracted by my presence. Sigh, a girl can dream....

*Kudos to the organisors and the friendly, helpful workers at the park and ride, the shuttle service and the stadium. I was gladly surprised by their effiency and friendliness.*


KiLLa said...

Shame. You also a fan of poor football..
Well Italy are a poor excuse for a football nation.

But leave the politics.

Ticket to game --> Between 70 - 700 Transport to game --> 150
Watching the Azzuri get thrashed --> PRICELESS !!

Being Brazen said...

it always sucks to support the losing team ;)

That Mash Guy said...

saw them play in a friendly in London back in Feb, I was supporting the Azure too.. they lost then as well. 2-0

Prixie said...

killa: play nice now. they're look as if they were dropped right from heaven so there is a consolation!

BB: Heartbreaking!

Mash: I really wanted to see them in London but I was travelling at the time. Oh well, I got to see them now. We can comfort ourselves in the knowledge that they are the world champs. :)

Anonymous said...

The Italian team always seems to let me down. Well except in 2006. My then french supporting girlfriend and me the guy being told, remember 1994? Roberto Baggio?