Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thrilling and tickling delights

Berate me - I know full well I have been neglectful, selfish and childishly indulgent for trying to forget to, erm, think...for trying to not face up to the inevitable. Things do not last forever and likewise my time in London draws to close. Sooner rather than later I will be back in SA. But at least I will once again have one of my vitals at my side: the S.O.

So perhaps Belgium was just what I needed: a soothing chocolate balm. A smell so sweet hovers over the country you want to eat the air and get the sides of your mouth sticky with oxygen. Perhaps I should move there because chocolate shops are like hundreds and thousands on a cupcakes (you know, those wee colourful sweetie thingies that decorate biscuits and/or cakes). Sense and speech took a fancy flight as I mumbled incoherently. I am sure there were a few pitiful stares that said: "Shame, the loon is out of the loony bin for a day visit."

And I still cannot decide whether the chocolate or the men* are yummier attraction of that country. Phew, tough decisions...

*A girl can look, even if there is an S.O whom she loves with all her heart...just a F.Y.I to you S.O fans. 


Forever Feline said...

Hey great to see you back! So which province would you live in SA?

Azra said...

Isn't it just dandy? I love Belgium. I wonder if the natives eat chcolate for breakfast, lunch an supper?

I sure would :D

annie kelleher said...

oh my you made my mouth water!!!!

Being Brazen said...

Now I want chocolate

AD said...

i see you following my blog when he kisses her but i see you so quiet!
i like people who talk!
no comments on what you read? hmm :)