Tuesday, 11 November 2008

She has a point

Skanky brought something quite bazaar to my attention: my room looks like my blog! It's uncanny I gotta resort to profane language to express my emotions: it is just plain old fucking weird!

The wall paper in my room is exactly the shade of this "old paper" background, I have brown accent points (the glittery cushion on my bed, the chocolate brown poof, the pictured frames, wooden jewellery box and so on) and there is a hint of green too. The only difference comes in the fact that I have a few burnt orange decor pieces in my room, whereas my blog has none. 

Overall I'd say the room has a romantic country feel to it. In face Vamp told me this past weekend that it is very homely. Skanky said it feels warm. I cannot wait to see what S.O says when he visits. On second thought I wonder if he will even notice all the little things.  ;p 

My two conclusions on this room and blog mirror image situation is therefore: I know what I like or I am dead boring and stick to what I know. And why oh why did I fail to notice it before?! Oi, my mind remains boggled. 


po said...

I think your mind remains "bloggled", seeing as you reflect your blog in your room!

Being Brazen said...

Thats funny. you clearly just love the colours

My room is similar colours to your blog too. I love the warm chocoltae colours and creams for rooms.

KiLLa said...

LoL.. My first impressions were that you live in Charlies Chocolate Factory..

Jokes aside.. My room looks like a Apple server room.. Untidy, filled with equipment and gadgets lying around everywhere.

I did mention that your blog "makes one feel welcome" in my geek post..

But if your blog resembles your room ambience as u say.. Then i agree with Vamp based on your blog feel..

Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! Hey, I think you're a woman who knows what she likes and sticks with it. :)

skanky said...

don't forget the 'wordy' curtains..
or the chocolate stash ;)

Yesterdays hated one said...

I think that mine would be full of leaves. Green in contrat to your brown. At least we all for earth

Prixie said...

po: good one...hehheeeheee

brazen: they are good colours for rooms!

killa: i have a mini chocolate factory in my room - its a draw with a constant chocolate supple. often when people discover it, there is a collective intake of shocked gasps

jennifer: thanks :)

skanky: perhaps that needs an entire post to itself, no?

yesterdays hated one: you more loved than hated. your room is mismatched! no sense of decor....tsk tsk