Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Week one over and out

Good golly gosh gumdrops....the first week is already over. Is it just me or does time really move faster the older you get?!

I decided on reflecting on the past week or so because I'm afraid I'm going to forget:

December 31: Waking up in Dullstroom with S.O and his family. We gear up for sightseeing in Mpumalanga. I just got to see God's window - every other time I went up there it was too overcast and misty to see much of the beauty. I am quite excited because I see a crystal clear sky and blue as far as the eye can see. It is almost poetic to end the year at God's Window. And I buy angel earrings - hopefully they will gladly watch over me whenever it is needed.

January 1: I am not sure if I should make resolutions. I muse and fret and decide to make new habits - small things like brushing my teeth every night (it's been very sporadic in the past) and the big things like getting over my fear of achieving my dreams. Not like I am getting younger and settling into a comfortable life will make feel I as if I have cheated my self. I also jump on a honey coloured mare, called Chuvett, and stroll around the the estate where we are staying. Flies annoy her all the time and I suffer from immense guilt at riding an animal when I consider myself an animal rights activist.

January 2: At 8:30 am S.O, his mum and I decide to tackle to hiking trail. Lacing up my Bronx and putting on my hat, my hands shake with excitement. I love to hike. Sure, people can go to the gym and get a work out but there is just something different about the outdoors. We decide to deviate from the trail and go up the mountain, I suspect it was part of the Steenkampsberg Range. It was not that high, but the overview of the greenery makes me realise how beautiful nature is. Somehow we city dwellers forget that every so often.

January 3: After the last few days of activities, I want to stay curled up in a blanket in the lodge. S.O and I drive into Dullstroom and browse the idyllic shops. After lunch,we light a braai (ahem, the South African term for barbecue) for Potjtie (basically, its food cooked in a tripod pot outside). S.O and his parents enjoy the mutton potjie and I gobbled down a bean potjie.

January 4: It's sad to pack up and leave Dullstroom. Getting back into reality is always a bumpy ride. And well, it's time to pick up my socks and get my act together. There are dreams to be fulfilled, you know. After an Internet free week, I hurriedly log on again: my mail, my blog and facebook. I feel...connected.

January 5: After a quiet day with S.O at his house,we go with friends to a fancy smchancy restaurant at Monte Casino. I am thrilled to see three vegetarian options and order Curry Stir Fry in Coconut Milk on a bed of rice. I'm sad to say the veggies tasted very woody and smoked. Blech - I ended up paying R58 for eating the rice. I still fume thinking of the rip-off.

January 6: The day before S.O, and probably the rest of the world goes back to work. I got a call to go into the office for some freelance work, so it will be a dreaded Monday morning too. We hire DVDs and watch Spiderman 3 and The Simpsons movie. As usual, that zany family never fails to amaze me.

January 7: The dreaded Monday morning. I see Slutty and Skanky at the office. We catch up and that makes me feel really good. I miss them because it feels it's been ages - well, it actually was an age. And the dreaded Monday morning passes as work takes up my time. Before I can say good golly gosh gumdrops again, the day is over and Week Two begins.

To each and every one of you - may your 2008 be all it is meant to be.


saaleha. bamjee. hyphen. said...

my new years resolution - see more of pri, su and saf.

SingleGuy said...

Happy New year to you as well, Mistress of Sjokolade. I really love that Blyde River Canyon, and God's Window. AMAZING.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow. What a week!

I want to that Simpsons movie. :)

liam said...

what a week, indeed! the outdoors sound romantic and exciting.

and then the dreaded monday with slutty and skanky? hahaha.

Prixie said...

slag: new years resolution already accomplished ;p

SG: All the best to you too!

Jennifer: It is well worth the watch

Liam: It was a dreaded Monday morning simply because I had to go to work. Skanky and Slutty made it worth while. ;p

phish said...

seems like a nice-ish year so far.