Friday, 30 January 2009


Anyone who has read my previous post would know what an agonising January it has been. Nevertheless decisions have been made. In a few months time I will be in SA again. Not because I cannot cope without S.O, but simply because I do not want to be without him. And London may even be in our future. You just never know what lies in store.
And then I seen the above pic on post secret this week. Ta da! Thank you Universe!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A whirlwind visit

S.O came to London. He went back home. It seems he has taken my heart back with him. Our first "Goodbye, see you later" in April 2008 was hard. The second one in January 2009 was absolute torture.

I love London so and I am willing to stay. Nevertheless things seem a bit lack lustre since he packed his bags (and my heart) and headed back home. To see the magnitude of love in his eyes made me drown in enraptured joy. And it is that love that can make me re-assess what I always wanted out of life.

Granted, I am emotional at the moment but I need to make a decision. London or S.O?

Skanky, in her infinite moments of wisdom, asked:
so what can u afford to lose? what are you able to live without?

Crunch time.

Oh and besides all my ranting, may you all have a blessed 2009. May it be more than everything you want it to be.