Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Five days of heaven

Five days of being off work. Oh how blissful! I could not wait for it, and as always, time flew by and today I was back to reality.

Day 1: The Parental Unit woke me up as predicted to wish me for the Bday. I lazed around, had breakfast late and decided to hit London town. Went to the Eye, Embankment and Madam Tussuad's - a lovely girl at work organised comps for me as a pressie. Met Skanky for a late lunch then Vamp for a bottle of wine.
Day 2: Pamper myself with a hair cut. Do some shopping and make some lasagna. Stay in doors with my house mate and we chat the night away, while watching two chick flicks...both of us under the duvet.
Day 3: A day of planned surprises thanks to Vamp and her Man. They pick me up early and whisk me to a south Indian restaurant. I walk in and the place smells like our house bank in SA. I stuff myself with all delightful Indian food then surprise number two: a trip to the theatre to watch the Lion King! Man oh man, was I thrilled! And it made me homesick for all that I do love about SA. As day makes way for night, I make my way to a restaurant where I booked for ten people. Fifteen show up and I panic, thinking that there is not going to be enough space. It all turn out well enough. We had such a lovely waiter who brought me four shooters on the house! AND he did not want to take the tip I insisted on... we were such a big group and he was so great. I wish S.O was here for the millionth time!
Day 4: I spend most of the day in the kitchen with my house mates, chatting, smoking shisha and making more lasagna. As one of them prepares for a blind date, we have a drink to calm her nerves. At night I start to write an article. She comes back from her blind date and we chat about the evening
Day 5: I spend the day attached to my lap top completing the 3000 word article. So much for attending the Notting Hill Carnival!

And before I realise, I wake up for work this morning and I am bluer than the sky.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Stranger than fiction

I was at a bus stop after meeting Skanky. As per norm, when Skanky and I are together, strange things happen. Strange like X-Files strange, just minus abductive aliens.

There they were, also at the bus stop. He was drumming on a...er...drum. She knelled on the floor, making a sign that said STROOD PLEASE. We started chatting because we were both waiting for the same bus. He said he is a 'mad scientist' that teaches experiments at primary schools. She said she is an aerialist at a circus. They both were from other parts of the United Kingdom. They also mentioned that we did not sound South African. Oh well...

And they were on their way to a climate change event in Strood. How I wanted to give up the responsibilities of the day job and just join them. The bus never arrived and I ended up taking the train home.

Till today, I wonder if they reached Strood. And did they make the impact they wanted to? Should I have joined them as I really wanted to?